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Look Gorgeous Day or Night with Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

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Just about every woman wants long, full, noticeable eyelashes that provide a youthful, alert appearance and increase personal confidence, but applying eyelash curlers and mascara is time consuming and can be frustrating. 

La Belle Femme Spa offers innovative and revolutionary MISENCIL® eyelash extensions in Scarborough to provide you with natural-looking lashes that are permanently applied directly onto your natural lashes. Get the thicker, longer, lusher eyelashes you always wanted, just like the Hollywood stars! Free yourself from clumpy lashes, smudges and eye irritation while you unwind and relax in a comfortable setting. The thickness and fullness of extensions applied by our trained aestheticians will make you look and feel gorgeous day and night.

Mini Set

30 lashes per eye


Discovery Set

Up to 50 lashes per eye


Star Set

Up to 70 lashes per eye


Super Star Set

Every lash available




We now offer Lash Lifts! Permanently curl your natural lashes for an easier and uplift look!

* Lash appointments are limited so please call to reserve your spot well in advance.

Misencil products are the result of years of laboratory research and are registered with Health Canada, the FDA and other government authorities. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.

We Offer Eyelash Extensions, Not Eyelash Cleaning

The below image is an example of an extreme case. I hate mascara and I hate dirty lashes. I have an allocated slot to fill your lashes, not clean out mascara and old eye makeup. I can guarantee you may think you have removed all traces, but when I start digging around in your lash line you will be surprised how much eye makeup is still there lurking, ready to destroy all the new lashes I’m about to put in. Please, please come to your appointments with squeaky clean lashes so I can give you those lovely lashes you want.

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