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It can be embarrassing and sometimes devastating having excessive, unwanted hair. It can affect your self-confidence. It can hold you back. Have you ever turned down an invitation to a pool party, a summer barbecue or a day at the beach? Have you felt uncomfortable even just having a face-to-face conversation with someone, wondering if they’ve noticed that you forgot to bleach your upper lip hair that morning? Having excessive unwanted hair can be humiliating for both women and men, and dealing with temporary methods can be frustrating and seemingly never ending, not to mention damaging to your skin. Imagine being free of unwanted hair.


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Passionate about what we do, La Belle Femme Skin Studio is committed to helping you rid yourself of your unwanted hair. Forever. We will help you reveal the soft, smooth skin you never thought you had. You’ll be able to put on your bikini at a moment’s notice and have those face-to-face conversations confidently! With confidence, you can achieve anything. You are free to be the “you” that you always wanted to be. Free to be your best self.

Electrolysis has been a method of hair removal for more than a century and is still recognized as the only permanent method of removing unwanted hair. Our fees for Electrolysis are based upon 10 to 60 minute increments, and include a new sterile needle with each treatment.

"Arzina is extremely dedicated to her work. No detail escapes her and she is infinitely patient. She put me at ease about many of my concerns and made me feel comfortable. I'm very happy with the service!"


- Erica​ -

Blonde Hair

Natural blondes may not be a candidate for laser hair reduction. Electrolysis is effective on blonde, white and even red hair. It can  achieve permanent results anywhere on your face and body! ​


Permanent hair removal is not only for women.  Gentlemen too can enjoy the benefits of removing unwanted hair from just about any part of the face and body!​

Best Numbing Cream for Electrolysis

Dr. Numb® is truly the Pioneer in the Topical Anesthetic Cream industry and one of the Most Globally Recognized brand for its Effectiveness and Safety of the product. Dr. Numb® has a proprietary formulation for Fast Delivery of active ingredients providing Fast Absorption, and Long Lasting Effect. For more than a decade, Dr. Numb® has been the Most Recommended Topical Anesthetic Cream by Healthcare Professionals, Artists and Aestheticians.

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