Professional Peels & Acne Treatments

All corrective treatments are completely customized and include a combination of exfoliations, extractions, custom serums and masks. The type of exfoliation selected will be determined by your skin concerns, needs, and tolerance.

AHA Glycolic Treatment


A glycolic treatment is a chemical, dermo-cosmetic procedure that creates a controlled and consistent shedding of the upper layers of your skin. It helps acne-prone skin by promoting skin renewal and   moisturization. It brightens the complexion and detoxifies

Pigmentation/Sun Damage Treatment


This peel utilizes lactic acid to encourage exfoliation and increase your skin’s natural moisture supply. It’s a superior treatment for hyperpigmentation, dehydrated and photo-aging skin.

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Clarifying Acne Treatment


This facial effectively treats and prevents breakouts with proven acne fighting ingredients – Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. An acne facial is recommended weekly or bi-weekly until breakouts are under control and then continuing with maintenance treatments. The frequency of follow up treatmens will be suggested by the esthetician based on individual needs.

Ultrasonic Eye Treatment: Pack of 6


Visibly improves the signs of photoaging of the eye area.
Repairing and revitalizing treatment for the eye contour. Improves fine lines, eyelift effect, and even the skin tone to keep the eye contour looking young.

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